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Sweet Cardamom Rolls with Pearl Sugar

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These sweet cardamom rolls are a perfect breakfast or afternoon snack! They are sweetened yeast rolls with nuggets of pearl sugar mixed throughout and sprinkled on top. If you are looking for cardamom recipes, start with this one! It really shines in these rolls without being overwhelming. The pearl sugar adds the perfect crunch! 

cardamom rolls

Well I definitely just threw away something in my freezer that had a “best by” date of August. August 2015, that is. Gah!! How did I let this happen! When we bought our first house a few years ago, it was because our rental was going on the market, and we knew that the buyer was going to flip it. (It was by far the trashiest house in an otherwise really nice neighborhood. Remember the carpet in my kitchen??)

Swedish cardamom rolls

Anyway, we knew they would be getting rid of all the appliances in the flip, so we bought the fridge and washer and dryer from the buyer for a whopping $150, which is pretty amazing if you ask me because they all still work, even though they are all pre-1990 I bet. Never mind the fact that these days we have to put our clothes through 2 dry cycles every time or they will still be damp. (3 cycles for towels.) It’s a grandpa dryer, have some respect okay?

cardamom recipes

Anyway, the fridge we bought from our old house was tiny and we bought a new one eventually. Eric wanted to throw out the old fridge, and I wanted to keep it. Because obviously I need to keep all my expired food from 2015 in it. Where else am I going to store it?? Sheesh.

I’m not crazy, I really do use our extra fridge all the time, Eric can you just pretend you didn’t read this?

Are you into cardamom?? It’s one of those spices that I didn’t discover until I was an adult, and now every time I taste it I feel the injustice of that fact. (Although to be honest, I might not have appreciated it back then.) My kids loved these cardamom rolls though.

cardamom buns recipe

Maybe it’s their Swedish blood coming through. Eric’s side of the family is Swedish, and cardamom is totally a thing in Sweden. See these Swedish Cinnamon Buns with Cardamom for reference.) I actually found the idea for this recipe in a Swedish cookbook that Eric’s mom has.

These cardamom rolls are a yeasty bread dough turned sweet by adding a little extra sugar. I actually started with Aunt Shirley’s Famous Buttery Dinner Rolls, which is my favorite dinner roll recipe of all time. Add a little extra sugar, a dash of cardamom, and you have an amazing treat with a little exotic twist.

cardamom rolls

But the real fun happens when you add the pearl sugar on top. Have you ever tried pearl sugar?? It’s a required ingredient for Liege Waffles with Pearl Sugar, which are the most amazing yeast waffles you will ever have in your life. (see, yeast and pearl sugar go together like two peas in a pod 🙂 Pearl sugar is basically just little chunks of sugar. Think of them like tiny pearl-sized sugar cubes. (I buy it on Amazon. Buy some, make these rolls, and then next weekend make Liege Waffles. Heaven!)

cardamom rolls

Swedish cardamom rolls

I folded some into the dough and sprinkled some on top. Some of them melt into the dough entirely, but some of them will turn into these delightful little nuggets of crunchy sparkly goodness. Then we sprinkle more on top for double crunch. The pearl sugar coming through the pillowy centers of these cardamom rolls is just unspeakably delicious. (these pictures show that I folded them in before the first rise, but the instructions say to do it after the first rise. That’s the way that I will do it next time to give the sugar less time to dissolve.)

cardamom recipes

You can eat them just as is, or you can open it up and spread the center with butter. I like these rolls simple and plain, and don’t feel like they need a glaze (I find that it competes with the pearl sugar). But if you want, you could stir together a little milk and powdered sugar and drizzle it over the top. It would be delicious!

cardamom buns recipe

I feel like these rolls would be the perfect weekend brunch-ish, when everyone is waking up at different times. They are the perfect grab and go breakfast, or a nice little afternoon snack. They would even be a nice way to wake up on Easter morning!

cardamom rolls

P.S. Valentine just came over and saw me editing these photos. She said, rolls, mommy! Rolls with marshmallows!! I want one! haha, not quite.


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*If your yeast mixture is NOT getting foamy, then abandon ship! You killed your yeast with too hot liquid probably. Better to start over now than wind up with sad flat rolls in 2 hours.

** My favorite warm place is in the oven. Turn your oven on to the keep warm setting (170 degrees F) for about 30-60 seconds, then turn it off. This will make the oven nice and warm but not hot. If it’s too hot to touch the inside of the oven, then leave the door open and let it cool down before putting your bowl in.

I buy my pearl sugar on Amazon, click here. I’ve actually never seen it in a store, maybe you could find it in a specialty store? Not sure. It’s cheap online and comes right to my door, so I’ve never bothered checking around. 

Seriously, cardamom is the best hidden-gem spice out there.

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