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Absolutely The Best Brownie Recipe I Have Ever Made

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I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is absolutely the BEST brownie recipe of my life. I spend a lot of time baking (and eating!) and I’ve never had another brownie like this one. It is the ultimate in rich, fudgy, chocolatey flavor, all thanks to the magic of browned butter. Regular brownies just can’t compete with this depth of flavor. 

brownie recipe

This post was originally published on January 30, 2013.

The other day Truman asked me from the back of the car if he would have time to play legos before dinner when we got home. I cheerfully said, “Absolutely!” And then there was this pause, and he said, very confused, “So…will there be time to play legos?”

I laughed so hard. He was confused because for some reason, I say the phrase “Absolutely not!” when my kids are in trouble or need reprimanding. I think they’ve picked up some unjustified negative connotations on the word “absolutely,” so he had no idea that I was trying to say “yes” in a happy and emphatic way.


Absolutely means, “with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally.” And I can say with fervency, guys, that these brownies are ABSOLUTELY the best ones to ever come out of my kitchen, or, dare I say, to cross my lips.

Everyone’s got a homemade brownie recipe, right? They are just an American classic. Even the boxed brownie mixes are okay. I mean they are nothing to write home about, but in a pinch, a brownie is still a brownie, right?

homemade brownies

I mean it’s chocolate and sugar, it’s going to taste delicious even if you mess them up or use a subpar recipe. It’s like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still good. (Have you ever bought a Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready intended for kids only but then you end up eating half the box? Guilty.)

But I say if you’re going to make brownies, you should go all in. Don’t waste your time or calories on brownies that don’t make you want to shout hallelujah.

how to make brownies

I will tell you the secret: BROWNED BUTTER.

It is the best way to take brownies from, “wow, these brownies are so good” to, “OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS MAGIC.” And the awesome news is that it’s not even hard to do this. We’re not using any special ingredients. We’re not dirtying half a sink full of pots and bowls.

best brownie recipe

It’s a one-pot brownie recipe that is so gooey and fudgy and deep in flavor, you will be nervous that it is so dangerously simple to make. You can have these in the oven in 15 minutes flat.

easy brownie recipe

Buttaaaaaaaaa. All ready to get toasty brown.


The butter will foam up and start to darken…

brownie recipe

And pretty soon it will look like this gorgeous swirly goodness.

how to make brownies

Here’s the batter all finished, once you’ve added the eggs and flour.

best brownie recipe

I like to add my chocolate chips after the warm batter is in the pan, so that they don’t melt.

Browned butter typically lends a nutty, almost toffee-like flavor to whatever you add it to. But this recipe is a little different. Chocolate is such a strong flavor (and there is so much of it!), that these brownies do not have that toffee-ish flavor. Instead, the browned butter serves to deepen the chocolate flavor.

easy brownie recipe

I don’t use espresso in my baked goods, but I know that it adds depth to chocolate flavor without tasting like coffee. Browned butter does the same thing. It makes the brownies rich and deep. And it’s SO easy. The best brownie recipes always call for melted butter anyway, so just…carry on a bit until it turns brown. You will not regret it!

best brownie recipe

I’ve been making this recipe for several years now, and get so many requests for the recipe. I just gave leftovers from this batch to a friend of mine, and she texted me a few hours later that her husband was going on about the brownies and needed the recipe. I promise, it will not let you down. Everyone needs a go-to brownie recipe, and this one should be yours!

I only have one other brownie recipe that I make on the regular: Nana’s Famous Fudge Brownies. They do not have browned butter, but there is fudge frosting involved, meaning they are ultra decadent. I love them, but the frosting is necessary in my opinion, and I don’t always want frosted brownies. I need that crackly topping in my life. Only these browned butter brownies will do when the need for a classic brownie strikes.

easy brownie recipe

I’m a brownies-and-milk kind of girl, but even I have to admit that ice cream definitely takes these already fabulous brownies over the top. Prepare yourself. You will need something, because these brownies will make all of those got-milk commercials come true, and you may actually die from chocolate overload if you don’t have at least a glass of milk. Enjoy!

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*You can also use 1 and 1/2 cups unsweetened cocoa powder! I often make them with cocoa powder.

**I know brownies don’t usually call for water. This recipe has water to replace some of the liquid lost in browning the butter. 

***Most brownie recipes call for adding the eggs first, then the flour. I like to add the flour first so that the batter has a chance to cool down a bit more. I don’t want to risk curdling my eggs! And I’m super impatient and don’t like to wait. But if this feels weird to you, just wait a few minutes for the batter to cool some more before adding the eggs one at a time, then stir in the flour afterward, until barely incorporated. 

Source: adapted from Something Swanky.

(I found this recipe on her blog 6 years ago (almost to the day!! What does this say about my late January brownie cravings 😉 I’ve been making it ever since. I never make any other brownie recipe besides this one and Nana’s Famous Fudge Brownies. (which are in a different category because they are frosted.) This recipe reigns supreme as my favorite brownie recipe of all time.)

Nana’s Famous Fudge Brownies << my other favorite brownie recipe that is in a different category because it has frosting. 😉


Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Blondies << okay so technically these are blondies but DANG they are good.

Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Blondies


Reese’s Stuffed Browned Butter Brownies << this is today’s recipe…with Reese’s. Just in case you thought they couldn’t get any better.

Reese's Stuffed Brown Butter Brownies from The Food Charlatan


Thin Mint Marshmallow Brownies << also made with today’s browned butter brownies recipe. It’s my brownie base for any twist I want to make on brownies!

Thin Mint Marshmallow Brownies from The Food Charlatan


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